Cathedral Pilgrimage


At the Cathedral of St. Ignatius Loyola in Palm Beach Gardens

Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016 – The Feast Day of St. Faustina

The Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy began on Dec. 8, 2015, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and will conclude on the Solemnity of Christ the King, Nov. 20, 2016. It is called an Extraordinary Jubilee because it occurs outside of the Church’s “Ordinary Cathedral Holy Door EditedJubilee” and is proclaimed for some outstanding event of particular importance. This particular Extraordinary Jubilee, the Jubilee of Mercy, coincides with the 50th anniversary of the closing of the Second Vatican Council in 1965.

The Holy Year was announced on the Vigil of Divine Mercy Sunday. The fundamentals for the year is based on divine revelations given to Saint Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938) that were recorded in her 700-page diary titled Divine Mercy in My Soul, in which she said Jesus told her to spread devotion to His mercy under the motto, “Jesus, I trust in you.”

Saint FaustinaOne of the foundational elements include the “Door of Mercy.” In Saint Faustina’s writings Jesus says, “…before I comes as a just Judge, I first open wide the door of My mercy. He who refuses to pass through the door of My mercy must pass through the door of My justice.” (Paragraph 1146)

Jubilee Years are enriched by three characteristics which attest to the Mercy of God, the redemption by Jesus Christ, and which foster the faith and devotion of the Christian People.

1.) Holy Doors
2.) Pilgrimage
3.) Jubilee Indulgence

First we are called to make a pilgrimage, which is symbolic of the road each of us walks in life. Secondly, we are to enter through the designated Holy Door of Mercy, which is a symbol of the “gate to the sheepfold” who is Jesus (John 10:9).  Lastly, Pope Francis has granted a Plenary Indulgence to each person who makes such a pilgrimage during the Holy Year as a sign of deep desire of true conversion.

An indulgence is a removal of the temporal punishment due to sins which have already been forgiven (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1471). Temporal punishment means that even though all your sins are forgiven in Confession, God still demands that you be punished for a time either in this life or in purgatory.

In order to receive the Indulgence, it is necessary to link one’s pilgrimage to the Holy Door with the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. Confession must be made within 8 days of walking through the Doors of Mercy. Further, they must profess their unity in the Church by praying the Apostles Creed and pray for the intentions of the pope with an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.

Doors of Mercy 1St. Vincent Ferrer Church and School will be hosting a parish pilgrimage to the Cathedral of St. Ignatius Loyola in Palm Beach Gardens to offer everyone the opportunity to participate as a faith community in this Extraordinary Jubilee Year.

The pilgrimage is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 5, the Feast Day of St. Faustina. Parishioners and school children from fifth grade and up will be provided free bus transportation to the Cathedral where they will be able to walk through the diocese’s official Doors of Mercy and attend 10 a.m. Mass. Donations to offset travel costs will be accepted and greatly appreciated. All parishioners in need of transportation to the Cathedral will need to RSVP by signing up below. Bus transportation will leave St. Vincent’s promptly at 9 a.m. Confessions will be available in the church on Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016, at 11 a.m. and on Saturday, October 1, 2016 at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. For more information, call the Office of Family Life Services at 561-665-8566 or e-mail them at them at