Pastor’s Message August 6th, 2017

Well, we made it back – safe and sound – from Guatemala, thanks to your prayer for our safe travels. I thank you, too, for your very generous support that made this trip possible. The Knights of Columbus and I are grateful to you and to the parish and state councils of the Knights for financing us again this year. Some of these accompanying pictures will give you just part of the story. The sweltering heat and humidity in the jungle didn’t stop our men volunteers from accomplishing their goals of building and refurbishing many table-bench combinations for the students.

Trip to Village

The celebration of Mass at the school is one of the highlights of the week, and the visit to one of the local villages and offering Mass there is another. There we distributed candy to the youngsters who looked upon our visit the way little children in the U.S. look upon Christmas. The weather was great enough to allow us to do the work set before us. May God bless all of our supporters!


Entertaining the Children

Boat Ride

Msgr. Tom hands out goodies.

Village people love sweets

Dinner in Antigua