Pastor’s Message July 16th, 2017

This weekend’s Gospel reading from St. Matthew is one with which we are familiar. From early childhood, we heard the story about the unlucky seeds that fell on thorny ground and the lucky seeds that fell on fertile ground. For most of us, those early teachings explained the parable by using God as the sower and our hearts as the ground. Sometimes our hearts are open to his word, and the message of God grows in us and is apparent in our thoughts, words and deeds. But, sometimes our hearts are like the scorched earth, and the word of God doesn’t take root and we, too, wither.

Yet, is this the only way to look at this wonderful reading? Maybe we could also consider the role of the sower and visualize ourselves as the one who is casting the seeds into the soil, whether fertile or scorched, for the Word of God is too powerful for us not to want to share by spreading the seeds of the Gospel. So, in addition to our listening with purpose to the Word of God with an open heart, that we might grow in grace and faith, we need to share our seeds of faith with others. This is real stewardship at its finest.

One of the easiest ways to share our seeds of faith is by how we live our lives, for our actions speak louder than our words. We can ask the question whether our daily thoughts are focused on the teachings of the Gospel, or are they focused on what we can get shipped for free from Amazon? Do we speak kindly about those we know and about those we should love but don’t? Are we oblivious to those around us who could use a word of encouragement, because we have our heads down, constantly trolling our cellphone for the latest text or email update? Are we willing to reach out to help those who are in need, by sharing our time and talents, or are our seeds of faith left in the sower’s bag, where they will do no good and most likely rot?

What are we doing in our thoughts, words and deeds that truly demonstrates our deep desire to live our life in alignment with the Gospel? Living our faith is so much more than going to Mass. The personal satisfaction we experience, and the positive impact we have on those with whom we interact, is so much greater when we share with them the importance of our faith and our relationship with God.

As we reflect on the seeds God is sowing each and every day at our feet, we need to ask whether they are falling on fertile soil, ready to sprout and take hold, or are they falling on scorched earth, where they will soon wither and die? For the seeds God is casting are found not only at Mass or while we are reading this reflection, but in each and every step we take on our journey called life. We should not forget to look at ourselves as sowers.

Grateful to so many “sowers of the seed” who are helping to support our annual foray into the jungles of Guatemala by our Knights of Columbus to work at our mission, I thank you who have graciously contributed to this endeavor by your prayers and financial support. Our volunteer Knights and I will leave this coming Saturday and will return on Sunday afternoon, July 30th. Pray, too, that our journey will be safe and that the seeds you and we plant will bear good fruit. We, too, will be praying for you at our Mass each day, grateful for your generosity.

I thank all those who have supported the renovations that have just taken place in Kellaghan Hall. When you next visit it, I believe you will like the new look. Your response to the appeal to redo the floor and the walls has paid off, and I’m grateful to you for it. Now we will save $$$ by not having the rugs shampooed so often!