Pastor’s Message September 30th, 2018

Filmmakers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney have produced a film titled, “Gosnell: America’s Biggest Serial Killer.” The film, in theaters beginning Oct. 12, follows the true story of Kermit Gosnell, a Philadelphia abortionist who was convicted of murdering newborn babies and numerous other crimes inside his “house of horrors” abortion facility. It stars Dean Cain (“Lois & Clark”) and is directed by Nick Searcy (“The Shape of Water,” “Justified”).

The filmmakers have been hitting roadblocks since they began their project more than four years ago. Their struggles with the liberal media and Hollywood continue. Undaunted, the filmmakers said the abortion industry will not keep their movie from being released. At least 750 theaters across the U.S. will be showing the film beginning Oct. 12.

Last month, NPR rejected the filmmakers’ ad because it used the term “abortion doctor.” NPR claimed the term is not “value neutral,” but it has used the term in its own reporting numerous times. Many pro-lifers will remember how the mainstream media ignored Gosnell and the horrors of his Philadelphia abortion practice. It appears many still are trying to keep the story quiet. “NPR might have covered up Kermit Gosnell’s crimes, but we won’t,” the filmmakers wrote last week.

In 2013, a jury convicted Gosnell of murdering three newborn babies and contributing to the death of a female patient, along with numerous other crimes. He was sentenced to three consecutive life terms in prison. The movie is rated PG-13. For more details, visit

The famous blind Italian tenor, Andrea Bocelli, who has sold over 70 million records worldwide, interrupted his concert to recount the story of a pregnant woman who was admitted to a hospital with acute appendicitis. He said, “The doctors had to apply ice on her stomach, and when the treatment ended the doctors suggested she abort her unborn child.” “They told her it was the best solution because the baby would be born with some disability. But the brave young wife decided not to abort, and the child was born. That woman was my mother, and I was the child,” he said. He added, “Maybe I’m partial, but I can say that it was the right choice and I hope that this could encourage many mothers who sometimes might find themselves in difficult situations but want to save the life of their baby.” Shortly after his birth in 1958, Bocelli was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma, which made him partially blind. Then, by age 12, he lost total vision after being hit on the head during a game of football.

In his tribute to his mother, he didn’t explain why the doctors recommended an abortion at a time when it was still illegal in Italy. Before 1978, the procedure was permissible only when the fetus was severely disabled, or the mother’s life was in great danger. Bocelli failed to say if his mother underwent surgery for appendicitis, nor does he describe the medical condition with which the doctors suspected he might be afflicted. He simply praised his mother for rejecting the “advice” of doctors to abort him on the grounds that he would be “disabled.”

Next Sunday, which is the annual Respect Life Sunday throughout the U.S., you and I will be given the opportunity to help stop abortions and to advance the defense of human life by spending one hour (2 to 3 pm) in silent prayer. Doing this, we, too, can to promote the cause of that little life gestating in the wombs of mothers. All across America, there will be hundreds of similar prayerful moments along our nation’s busy streets and highways. Our location for the prayerful witness will be at the intersection of Federal Highway and Linton Boulevard. We park the cars in the lot by Carabba’s Restaurant, though closer to the bank on that intersection. We then pick up our placards (with printed prayers on the back of the placard) and man the four corners for a silent demonstration. Bring a hat to shade you, and some suntan lotion to protect you. I invite you to bring your family along for that occasion, for “The family that prays together, stays together.” You’ll be teaching many valuable lessons to your youngsters.