Pillar of Formation

[toggle title=”Living Your Strengths”]
Contact. Cindy Toth
Phone. 352-278-8596
Email. lys@queenofpeaceparish.org

Contact. Lynne Adams
Phone. 352-528-5943
Email. lys@queenofpeaceparish.org

Start a journey that could change everything about the way you see and live your life! Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day? Chances are, you don’t. All too often, our natural talents go untapped. From the cradle to the cubicle, we devote more time to fixing our shortcomings than to developing our strengths. You are at your best when you do what you naturally do best. Everyone has a purpose. God expects nothing more from you than to live that life for which you were created. When you discover your talents, you begin to discover your purpose in life. When you strengthen those talents and apply them you start to fulfill your purpose. This exciting program includes an online assessment developed by Gallup, small group dynamics, and self study. The Living Your Strengths book includes a unique access code that gives you access to the Clifton StrengthsFinder, an online talent assessment that reveals your talents in 34 areas called themes. Your personal report will reveal your top five themes. We offer a 1.0 Basic class and a more In-depth 2.0 class (you must attend the 1.0 class before enrolling in the 2.0 class).[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Women’s Bible Study”] Contact. Nancy Sanders
Phone. 352-376-0665
Email. sandersgator@cox.net

Interested in Bible study and fellowship? The Wild Women of Faith (WWF) is an ongoing fellowship group that studies God’s Word together. We love and support each other through our lives and faith journeys. Our ages vary (20-70+), just as our lives and Bible Studies do (we use materials by Beth Moore and many others). We meet Mondays from 7:00-9:00pm. New WWF’ers join us all throughout the year. We’d love for you to join us![/toggle]
[toggle title=”Band of Brothers Men’s Fellowship”] Contact. Mike Sanders
Phone. 352-376-0665
Email. mikesanders@cox.net

Contact. Jim Stockman
Phone. 352-514-2222
Email. Jims@davisandsons.com

Jesus is still calling, “Come and follow me.” Jesus calls each of us to follow Him by faith, to abide in Him and let His Word abide in us. Come and join other men as we take THE journey of a lifetime and become the best version of ourselves God calls us to be. Fellowship opportunities to include: Bible/book studies and discussion, videos, prayer support, social activities, other faith-enhancing activities and more.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Catholicism”] Contact. Sr. Beatrice Caulson
Phone. 352-332-6279, Ext. 117
Email. bcaulson@queenofpeaceparish.org

This study of Catholicism is a groundbreaking, 10 part documentary and study program about the Catholic faith. The program communicates the faith through the great teachers of our faith and through works of Art. It will address teachings of Jesus, the Apostles and fathers of the church. The program tries to provide a window to God by showing the great works of Art produced through the centuries. A study guide accompanies this program.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Timeline Bible Study”] Contact. Sr. Beatrice Caulson
Phone. 352-332-6279, Ext. 117
Email. bcaulson@queenofpeaceparish.org

This course was developed by Bible teacher and Catholic television personality Jeff Cavins. This study will help you understand the ?big picture? of God’s plan and see how the people, places, and events of the Bible fit together. Hundreds of thousands of Catholics have had their understanding of the Catholic faith and the Scriptures enriched through this practical, hands-on seminar.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Spanish Language Bible Study”] Contact. Hector Gonzalez
Phone. 352-575-7654
Email. juligongo@yahoo.com

Come and join a group of men and women to study the Bible, the divine plan for our earthly journey. Come grow in relationship with our God and Savior.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Why Catholic”] Contact. Sr. Beatrice Caulson
Phone. 352-332-6279, Ext. 117
Email. bcaulson@queenofpeaceparish.org

This study combines the best of faith-learning, faith-living and faith-sharing. Enjoy a small group setting and ?go deeper.? The ?Why Catholic? series includes two six weeks sessions: one in advent and one in Lent. Studies include the Profession of Faith, The Christian Mystery, Life in Christ and Christian Prayer. Facilitators are needed. Materials and training is provided.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) Catechists”] Contact. Sr. Beatrice Caulson
Phone. 352-332-6279, Ext. 117
Email. bcaulson@queenofpeaceparish.org

This ministry consists of inviting and providing an atmosphere of love and concern where people interested in the Catholic faith will be able to learn about the faith, and if the Spirit leads him or her to do so, join our Parish Community as a full member. Each participant has a sponsor, participates in designated Rites, prayer, spiritual reflections and classes on the Catholic faith. Sessions are once a week from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm with supper provided. Teachers with a knowledge of their faith, ability to work with adults, and able to facilitate discussions are needed. Sponsors are also needed to walk with the candidates on their faith journey.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Rite of Christian Initiation for Children”] Contact. Lisa McQuagge
Phone. 352-332-6279, Ext. 120
Email. lmcquagge@queenofpeaceparish.org

Assistance to families in the faith education of their children which includes supplemental sacrament preparation classes for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. Time commitment for Catechists is an average of two hours per week (on a rotating basis), and Assistant Catechists an average of one hour per week.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Baptismal Preparation for Parents”] Contact. Darlene Coogan
Phone. 352-332-8808
Email. dscoogan@qopacademy.org

Children’s ministry summer camp program for PreK through 8th grade. Our day is comprised of a variety of activities including sports, arts, educational fun and Vacation Bible School. Families can register to participate according to their interests and summer childcare needs. This ministry offers a multitude of steward opportunities for teachers, assistants, and high school volunteers.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”ALPHA: Explore the Meaning of Life”] Contact. K.C. Tener
Phone. 352-332-6279, Ext. 119
Email. pathfinders@queenofpeaceparish.org

A faith formation group for all 6th-8th graders wanting to experience fun, fellowship and faith sharing with their peers. We welcome students from all schools (public, private or Catholic). We strive to share our faith with each other and the larger community by learning to be Digital Disciples. We share a fun time, a lite lunch and our faith though various methods such as discussions, creating slide shows and movies, blogs, and virtual tours![/toggle]
[toggle title=”Road to the Abundant Life”] Contact. Amy Barber
Phone. 352-332-6279, Ext. 119
Email. visions@queenofpeaceparish.org

A program for all Catholic high school youth offering faith formation and fun. Youth group offers numerous activities including: lock ins, retreats, community service projects, outreach mission, fun nights, Bible study, book club and much more.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Wee Worship”] Contact. Amy Barber
Phone. 352-332-6279, Ext. 119
Email. visions@queenofpeaceparish.org

10th graders that have been actively involved in youth group since the 9th grade are eligible for the reception of Confirmation. Classes are held on designated days and times. An overnight retreat is a mandatory requirement for those receiving Confirmation. Active participation in the Visions Youth Ministry is a requirement. Service projects in our community are also part of the preparation.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Faith Formation: Kindergarten – 5th Grade”][/toggle]
[toggle title=”Fun in the Sun Summer Camp”][/toggle]
[toggle title=”Pathfinders Youth Ministry: 6-8th Grades”][/toggle]
[toggle title=”Visions Youth Ministry: 9-12th Grade”][/toggle]
[toggle title=”Confirmation Classes 10th Grade”] Contact. Amy Barber
Phone. 352-332-6279, Ext. 119
Email. visions@queenofpeaceparish.org

An opportunity for all confirmed teens to come together to discuss today’s issues and to take steps on their faith journey. They attend youth ministry and mentor younger teens. Meetings are before visions on Sundays from 3:00pm – 3:30pm.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Peer Minister / Teen Leader”] Contact. Natalie Brownell
Email. cafeclubqop@gmail.com
Contact. Edna Boyette
Phone. 352-332-6279, Ext. 114
Email. eboyette@queenofpeaceparish.org

This ministry’s purpose is to foster the community of loving, thoughtful young adults at Queen of Peace and respond to the needs of that generation in the Church. Our get togethers will explore faith and questions that young adults may face in today’s society. The meetings will be varied and there’ll be plenty of time to socialize and get to know each other as we build this community on a foundation of trust and the Truth. Bring any thoughts and questions you may have. Single or married your are welcome to join at any time.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Young Adult Ministry”] Contact. Sr. Nancy Elder, Principal
Contact. Darleen Coogan
Phone. 352-332-8808
Email. dscoogan@qopacademy.org

This ministry is dedicated to the education of students following the mission of the Catholic Church. The Academy strives to create a lasting and deeply spiritual effect, addressing the social, intellectual, aesthetic and physical aspects needed to prepare the students for the future. Steward volunteers are needed to assist in activities including, but not limited to, monitoring the lunchroom, Physical Education, Art, library, classroom, material preparation, technology and the Extended Day program.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Queen of Peace Academy”] Contact. Joan Henault (Bowling)
Phone. 386-462-2601
Email. jahenault@aol.com

We bowl every , Monday night, starting at 6:30pm at AMF Alley Katz. The season is September through December and January through April. You can join for the whole season or you can sign up for just a half season.

Contact. Glen Vassou (Basketball)
Phone. 352-332-6279 Ext. 136
Email. office@queenofpeaceparish.org

Adult group sports that provide an opportunity for parishioners with common sporting interests to come together and enjoy one another at the Perry Family Center Gym[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Adult Sports Ministry”] Contact. K.C. Tener
Phone. 352-332-8808
Email. kctener@qopacademy.org

Queen of Peace Academy has in season sports activities that include: soccer, volleyball, flag football, cheerleading, cross-country, basketball, track and field, golf and tennis. Academy sports teams are for grades 5-8, however clubs and other activities may be coordinated to include grades 1-4. Help is needed for coaching, manning concession stand and ticket booth, field preparation and game operation. See Haiku for more detailed information.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Queen of Peace Catholic Academy Sports”] Contact. Janet Stevens
Phone. 352-331-2709
Email. jhanlon929@bellsouth.net

Contact. Hector Gonzalez (Spanish)
Phone. 352-474-6119
Email. juligongo@yahoo.com

The prayer group meets on Thursday at 6:30 pm for the English speaking group and on Friday at 7:00 pm for the Spanish speaking group. Meetings are in the St. Patrick Reconciliation Room across from the Adoration Chapel. We invite all parishioners to come and join us in a general time of praise and prayer for the needs of the parish as well as for specific personal needs.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Ministry of Moms Sharing (MOMS)”] Contact. Leticia Avila
Phone. 915-892-1657
Email. Letydiaz77@gmail.com

We are a group for women of all ages who share the common bond of motherhood. We provide women with opportunities for personal growth spiritually and socially. We are encouraged to inspire and affirm each other. We provide the opportunity for women to bring their God given strengths to their family relationships and to the Christian community. We have social events as well as service events. We also provide a personal growth journey. This session is 8 weeks long and is offered twice each year. Childcare is provided.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Ministry for Married and Engaged Couples”] Contact. Gaye and Jerry Kirkpatrick
Phone. 352-375-9985
Email. gayekirkpatrick@gator.net

Contact. Mike and Mary Berkowitz
Phone. 352-672-1874
Email. papasmurf422@aol.com

This group meets quarterly. Its purpose is to support, encourage and enrich the sacrament of matrimony and the marriage relationship. Different aspects of marriage are discussed through videos, tapes, readings and presentations. All married and engaged couples are invited.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Living Word Prayer Group”][/toggle]
[toggle title=”Marriage Preparation Sponsor Couples”] Contact. Angie Bernard
Phone. 352-332-6279, Ext. 112
Email. office@queenofpeaceparish.org

Married couples who are practicing the Stewardship Way of Life are invited to this ministry by the Pastor to assist in preparing engaged couples for the sacrament of marriage. Sponsor Couples are trained to educate the engaged in a reflective and educational experience to be creative, versatile, joyful and communicative in their marriage.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Landings”] Contact. David & Ginny Kotait
Phone. 352-275-1858 (D) 352-514-6765 (G)
Email. kotaitdave@cox.net

A proven Paulist program designed to welcome back Catholics into the Church. Meetings are held in a comfortable setting and provide a clear and simple format for welcoming back Catholics who have been away from the Church. The process consists of eight to ten weekly meetings of groups of six to eight individuals. This process has been found to energize all involved.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Eagles Wings”] Contact. Sr. Beatrice Caulson
Phone. 352-332-6279 Ext. 117
Email. bcaulson@queenofpeaceparish.org

Grief is a natural and necessary journey that follows the death of someone we love. As such, it deserves our attention and our respect, as well as the support of others if we are to heal. This ministry consists of six to eight weekly two-hour sessions that are organized around the six needs that all mourners must have met in order to heal. Sessions are scheduled as needed throughout the year.[/toggle]