Pillar of Service

[toggle title=”Boy Scouts”]
Contact. Lisa McQuagge (Cub Scouts 1st—5th Grade)
Phone. 352-332-6279, Ext. 120
Email. lmcquagge@queenofpeaceparish.org

Contact. Chuck Henault (Boy Scouts 5th—12th Grade)
Phone. 352-214-3725
Email. chuckcubed@aol.com

A national organization to serve the youth of our Parish Community from the 1st through 12th Grades. Cub Scouts (1st through 5th) are co-sponsored by Queen of Peace and Lawton Chiles Elementary. Meetings are held at various locations. The Boy Scout Troop (6th through 12th) meets most Monday evenings at Queen of Peace from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Troop activities and meetings focus on teaching the boys how to run the troop, earn merit badges, plan camping trips, and implement service projects. Those serving with Boy Scouts are fingerprinted and have a background check. Time commitment varies with activity involvement.
[toggle title=”Girl Scouts”] Contact. Gina Gombola
Phone. 352-332-2149
Email. gombog@aol.com

Contact. Lisa McQuagge
Phone. 352-332-6279, Ext. 120
Email. lmcquagge@queenofpeaceparish.org

A national organization, Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place. Girl Scouting helps girls develop their full individual potential, develop values, relate to others, and contribute to society. In Girl Scouts, girls discover the fun, friendship, and power of girls together. Girl Scouts is open to girls in Kindergarten to 12th grade. Meeting times and locations vary according to age-specific groups.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Knights of Columbus”] Contact. Kevin Marshall
Phone. 352-871-8459
Email. kmarshall@arts.ufl.edu

Contact. Glen Vassou
Phone. 352-332-6279, Ext. 136
Email. gvassou@queenofpeaceparish.org

An international Catholic men’s service organization of over 1.8 million members based on Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism. The foundation is spiritual growth, respect for human dignity, solidarity with our clergy, and charity. Membership is open to practicing Catholic men ages 18 and up. Meetings are the first Wednesday of the month in Walsh Hall.
[toggle title=”Catholic Charities”] Contact. Ed Hoeft (QOP Representative)
Phone. 352-258-6083
Email. edhoeft@bellsouth.net

As a community, we collect bags of non-perishable food items and supplies on the first Sunday of every month for transportation to the local Catholic Charities Bureau. Help is needed to prepare and pass out the bags after Masses, collect the bags and transport them to Catholic Charities.
[toggle title=”Creative Hands”] Contact. Marie Dolan (Monday Morning Group)
Phone. 352-331-5687
Email. mitziusa1@bellsouth.net

Contact. Laura Gaisser (Wednesday Evening Group)
Phone. 352-332-7110
Email. lagaiss@yahoo.com

There are 38 million knitters in the US – part of a tradition that’s both plainly practical and deeply spiritual. During the time of gathering, shawls, booties, caps for solders, and blankets are created for others. Finished goods are blessed and sent into the community and around the world. Come knit or crochet and pray with one of our groups. No experience necessary – we will teach you!
[toggle title=”Cooperative Nursery”] Contact. Suzie Byrne
Phone. 352-222-4835
Email. suziemommyfive@cox.net

Childcare for walking toddlers through age three, staffed by parents who use the nursery during the 10:00am Mass. The number of children is limited and fingerprinting and background checks are required for all participating parents. Use your gifts of patience, positive attitude and a love of children approximately one hour each month (varies according the nursery membership).
[toggle title=”St. Anthony Gift Shop”] Contact. Debbie Dixon
Phone. 352-665-7031
Email. ddixon2649@gmail.com

This ministry provides an opportunity to meet new people, make friends, help with the sales, staffing, stocking and assisting visitors with their needs. The gift shop is located in the Church and is open before and after Masses, as well as regular hours Monday through Friday.
[toggle title=”Office Team”] Contact. Angie Bernard
Phone. 352-332-6279, Ext. 112
Email. office@queenofpeaceparish.org

Our vibrant community provides ample opportunities to assist with varied office activities. Training is provided and time commitment is varied. Some prefer a regular schedule and some prefer to be contacted on an “as needed” basis. Opportunities include assisting with general office duties such as answering telephones, filing, typing, greeting, bulk mail, bulletin, computer input, staff assistance and welcoming people who come into the office.
[toggle title=”Dust Busters”] Contact. Edna Boyette
Phone. 352-332-6279, Ext. 114
Email. eboyette@queenofpeaceparish.org

We are seeking individuals who will serve once a month sprucing up specific areas in the Church, office or Walsh Hall.
[toggle title=”Stewardship Council”] Contact. Eric Godet
Phone. 352-331-0359
Email. egodet@cox.net

Contact. Cheryl Kennedy
Phone. 352-316-3138
Email. cakinfla@yahoo.com

Our 2014 Stewardship theme focuses on our call to share the uniqueness that God entrusted to each one of us. Everyone is called but in varying ways. How we use the gifts God shares with us is how we let our light shine and point the way to Jesus. The Stewardship Council is appointed by the Pastor to assist in encouraging an active response to our baptismal call to live as Disciples of Christ. Primary activities of the Council include the Stewardship Renewal Period in the fall, the Ministry Opportunity Fairs, the Day of Reflection Retreat and assistance with questions concerning Stewardship.
[toggle title=”Finance Council + Parish Advisory Council”]Our Finance Council and Parish Advisory Board are invited by the Pastor to serve as representatives of our community. At this time these councils are fully staffed.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Hispanic Council”] Contact. Ottón Fernandez
Phone. 352-331-4349
Email. otton@bellsouth.net

The Council promotes and supports Hispanic Ministry and activities within the parish community. Our Hispanic Community is diverse and energetic. Join us as we work together to hear the call of the Lord and share the Good News.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Medical Mission to Haiti”] Contact. Janine Plavac
Phone. 352-335-2773
Email. tjplavac@aol.com

Our parish reaches out to our brothers and sisters in Christ through medical mission trips. Help is needed in obtaining and organizing supplies and trip details. Medical professionals and other workers are needed. Missions are typically scheduled in the spring and fall. Announcements and updates will be made as specific details of mission trips are formulated. Sign up for our 24/7 prayer chain and follow our blog while we are on a mission on our website at QOPHAITI.org [/toggle][toggle title=”Scrapbooking with Faith”] Contact. Lisa McQuagge
Phone. 352-332-6279, ext. 120
Email. lmcquagge@queenofpeaceparish.org

Do You Like to Scrapbook ? Then bring a project and enjoy some fellowship while you work. If you are caught up on your own work then there are occasional parish projects that can use a loving hand. Our casual gatherings are scheduled based on the availability of those interested. [/toggle]